Globe and Mail Now Magazine
August 5th ,2005
"Store of the week " by Zenya Sirant

Unless you're a decor maniac, you've probably at one point or another exhibited apartment envy. Come on, admit it - you've wondered why your Ikea-fed interior is so bland compared to the richness of your well-travelled counterparts; why your shabby-chic abode looks plain 'ol shabby in contrast to your fashionista friend's eclectic pairing of vintage with new. Believe me, taste has nothing to do with how grand your bank account is, so if you think a cool pad is beyond your budget, start the inspiration train with the expert eyes of Jamie Cheveldeyoff of West Queen West's Koma Designs .

Cheveldeyoff's nearly one-year-old one-stop decor shop flaunts a multitude of styles – all perfectly set up in room vignettes – including vintage, imported Asian, custom-designed and contemporary modern. Start here, and next thing ya know it'll be your friends who are left puzzled by how you manage to cram so much style into your square footage.

Look for : Koma furniture designed by local artists; triangular Thai cushions; a basement expansion that will include an art gallery space; a massive anniversary sale in September.

Cheveldeyoff's picks : Custom-made Koma lounge couch, $2,100; Michael Aram Skeleton Chairs, $797 each; vintage Electrohome circa 1975 bubble stereo, $577; vintage Air Canada stainless steel tray, $11.

Koma Designs