Globe and Mail Our Neighbourhood
december ,2006
"Altered State" by Roger Tumminieri

Located on Queen, just west of Gladstone, a visit to Koma Designs may change your state of mind. Once you come out of Koma, you'll want to go right back in.
Filled with unique pieces from various genres, Koma is a very thoughtfully appointed boutique and gallery. Oh, yes. Perhaps the coolest part of Koma is its basement gallery. Featured are hand-made designs by local artists, including owner Jamie Cheveldeyoff.

Friendly and clearly very creative, Jamie decribes Koma Designs as "One of very few furniture galleries in the city." Worth much more than a gander, Koma's basement gallery is home to a fascinating display of fixtures and furniture. The upstairs boutique sports a virtual timeline of furniture and accessories, its chronology ranging from archaic to contemporary. Jamie features pieces that appeal to all types. From retro to antique, modern to vintage, Koma has something for everyone.

Part of Koma's charm is most definitely its owner, Jamie. Stop in and asi him about his store. He's happy to explain his concept and creations. Add Koma to your list of shopping destinations and alter your state this Holiday.

Koma Designs