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February ,2006/
"Koma Furniture Gallery "

KOMA Designs, Toronto’s Best Décor Store (NOW Magazine ’05), has expanded and would like to present Koma Gallery, Toronto’s only furniture gallery and exhibit space, which will focus on multifunctionalism, simplicity and unique design.

Koma Gallery is the result of a passion for design combined with the desire and dedication to create a space where independent local designers, with an alternative approach to mass production, can present their pieces to be appreciated and acquired by design lovers, home owners and residents who look for individuality in their décor. This is a place where furniture is seen as functional art.

Among the many furniture designers who will exhibit here over the year, the grand opening will feature furniture and lighting designed by the Brothers Dressler, and Koma Designs owner, Jamie Cheveldeyoff. Their combined works in one space not only compliment each other they create a sense of calm together. Their focus on using materials respectfully and efficiently to construct a presence of balance and changeability bring to mind the interaction of nature with a changing industrial culture. Together they demonstrate the design approach of an environmental evolution – reinterpreting found objects, reusing existing materials and being inspired by natural forms, resulting in furniture that will function almost as a living organism within ones space.

Koma Gallery is proud to open its doors to a neighborhood in transition and aims to help synthesize the best aspects of its original integrity with possibility for new growth and development. Every 2nd Thursday of each month Koma Gallery will open with a new exhibit encompassing a combination of 1 – 5 designers and have a wine and cheese evening where individuals can meet and speak with the designers in person about their work.