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September 25,2004 / Talk of the Town
"Rehab for your Home " by Tralee Pearce

Yes, this used to be a Parkdale methadone clinic. Yes, it will now support an addiction of a different sort. Koma Designs is the brainchild of uber-collector Jamie Cheveldeyoff, who has been collecting furniture and décor items for three years at estate sales, auctions, scrap yards and on his travels. An art director in film, Mr. Cheveldeyoff has worked on award-winning videos for the likes of Sam Roberts and Billy Talent, and was responsible for a number of the funky "Intimate and Interactive" sets MuchMusic created to de-studio-ify its studio. And there are leftovers from cool gigs. Sting sat on those white stools. The White Stripes sat on those chrome stools. But Koma is more about laid-back eclecticism.

It's the anti-Ikea: a bit vintage, a bit new, a dash of Zen-Asian and a bit modern. Mixed in a way that no single look dominates. You just wish you had this much style.He'll blend an Asian floor cushion with a 1960s lamp and a crude coffee table fashioned out of an old wooden door and chunky wheels.Two matching low tables form an L-shape: One is set for dinner, with cushions as seats; the other has a slim leather cushion that transforms it into a bench.

"I like to create vignettes so people can picture what it would look like at home," Mr. Cheveldeyoff says, adding that he's conscious of people living in small homes where space is key. He points out, for instance, that dining at a low table automatically makes one's ceiling a few feet higher. Neat. "It expands your envelope," he says.Mr. Cheveldeyoff has an eye for lighting -- check out the enormous surgical light he picked up in St. Louis ($5,000). Like many items in the store, this one's hung by chains from the ceiling. There's a low table (he likes low) made of a woodstove base he found in a wrecking yard and topped with glass ($600).There is some newer modern stuff in here, but he will deliberately not overstock any one style. "I don't want three people in the neighbourhood having the same thing."

Koma Designs