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A new furnishings boutique in Toronto’s eclectic Queen West area offers a blend of old and new, western and world in its selection of lighting, art and home décor. Koma Designs features pieces in an eclectic range of styles including antique, vintage, new, modern and Zen-Asian.

The store is the brainchild of Jamie Cheveldeyoff, a Toronto-based art director and designer, responsible for some of the unique sets for MuchMusic, who designed the store, selecting the products, as well as creating some of the unique pieces Koma Designs sells. One of Koma’s key client pools is the huge influx of condo owners moving into the many loft projects in the hippified west end of downtown.

“It’s a mix of a typical Queen Street trendy shop and a typical Queen Street antique shop,” Cheveldeyoff says. “We don’t want to be a junkshop, but we don’t want to be a ‘new’ store either, with the same things that everybody else has.”
Cheveldeyoff selected the unusual name for his store because it is meant to put shoppers in a different mental state so that they gain a new perspective on things. The shop is divided into different settings, each designed to evoke a certain idea.

Koma Designs