Good design is as little design as possible, simple and pure.

The true design esthetic in any city is not found in a box. Perhaps this is truer in Toronto than in any other North American city. The multiculturalism of this city enlightens us on a different way of looking at the same thing everyday. The challenge we have taken is finding ways of translating the concept of warm healing environments into man made spaces, engaging people into this conscious process of distinguishing oneself through his/her surroundings in the home.

The focus of Koma Designs is to alter your home, into a spacious and functional yet comforting domain of physical harmony.   We have a passionate way of seeing design combined with an ability to absorb and praise cultural influence.  We believe that one of the most important factors in the evolution of design is innovation, which is central to emotional connection. A connection that is vitally important to all environments.

Welcome to Koma, where we encounter and create the bond between the old & new, past & future, our land & your land in a way that evokes harmony, simplicity and functionality together in one space.